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Senior Django Developer



Software Engineering
Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Are you a Senior Django Developer who loves innovation and working with the newest technologies? Do you want to lead the no-code revolution? We're waiting for you to join our team!

Formaloo is a powerful no-code collaboration platform that enables thousands of SMEs to build internal tools, databases & custom business applications fast & code-free.

We have had great growth in product development with the help of our team so far, and now we need to be able to accelerate growth to meet the needs of our new market, and to maintain our quality at a higher scale, both in terms of the product itself and the infrastructure.

Our team is fully remote with flexible working hours, and we work using the Scrum methodology. We value open and regular communication between members, and mutual trust is the basis of our teamwork. We also want to give our team members the opportunity and possibility to grow in their field at all times.

Who you are:

We're looking for a senior back-end developer to join our back-end team.

Formaloo's back-end stack is based on Python/Django. We also use PostgreSQL/RabbitMQ/Redis, for our database management, queues, cache, etc. Our architecture is a hybrid service-based and microservice architecture. The entire technical infrastructure is also on AWS.

Our backend consists of a number of services of different sizes that we have written with Django, and in some cases pure Python. Now we need mid-level Django developers who can help us to develop these services further and possibly break down and rewrite some of these services into smaller services, either with Django or with other Python frameworks that are more suitable for microservices, such as Flask or FastAPI. (We prefer to stay in the same language for now).


  • You are comfortable building while product definition and designs are being determined
  • You like to build skills to further grow into data and backend engineering
  • You have a high-quality attitude and you aim to deliver clear and maintainable code
  • You value team success over personal success
  • You know and care about sound engineering practices like continuous delivery, defensive programming, and automated testing.

Where you'll be:

  • We are a distributed workforce enabling our band members to find a work mode that is best for them!
  • Where in the world? Anywhere! We're a fully distributed & remote team.
  • Working hours? Anytime you want! We operate within the Central European time zone for collaboration.

About us:

Formaloo is a no-code collaboration platform that helps businesses create custom data-driven business applications and internal tools, automate their processes and engage their audience.

Formaloo is built for business users, not just developers or data scientists. It's super simple to use and understand, you don't have to code, and best of all, it requires no data experts to operate it.

If you are interested in the conditions mentioned, you can apply through the link below. If you have any further questions, you can ask us here.